Recommendations: take two blankets at least so that you can lie on one and hide behind the others so that the action is not too obvious.
Sample scenario: wine on the beach, sitting on the sun loungers. Then settle down on the sand, spread out a rug, covering the second one almost with a head.
It is so languid and sensual — in a pose on its side. Slowly and with savoring. Especially if done quietly, so as not to attract attention.

The roof of your house.
Feeling of freedom and emotions from the beauty of the species will give you a very sharp and colorful cocktail of erotic experiences.
However, choose the weather and time of day, so as not to catch cold and not get burnt. Moreover, do not rely on designs that are not sure.

Toilet or back room of the club/cafe.
For example, a utility room, where staff change clothes and leave their belongings.
Find a place where you will not be visible. Fast and expressive sex in doggie style pose really gets you high.

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